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Four words that will change your business

August 21, 2019 1:36 PM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

My number one business tip of all time?

Switch out the words “you’re welcome” to “it was my pleasure.”

Many of you have heard me tell this to people. What you might not have heard is WHY I tell people to do this.

In today’s high-tech world where we are all actively staring at our phones, true customer service tends to get lost. You say “thank you” to someone, and you might get a quick “sure” or a nod of their chin. Saying “it was my pleasure” is a display of authentic kindness. When someone is expressing their gratitude by saying “thank you”, answering with a casual “no problem” or “it’s nothing” trivializes and devalues it.

Is THAT how you want someone to feel after an interaction with you?

Saying “it was my pleasure” immediately raises you to an entirely new level of customer service. Actually, it raises the bar for you personally as well as it makes you stand apart from everyone else around you. An exceedingly polite “it was my pleasure” makes people think. It stops them dead in their tracks.

People might not remember what you said or did for them, but they will ALWAYS remember the feeling they walked away with.

This is why the last interaction with you is the most important as THAT is the one they remember.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…

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