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Can we do better?

March 22, 2019 11:53 AM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

I have three questions…

Are your customers/guests happy?

Do they come back and buy again?

Could you do better?

Yes. We could all do better. Even someone who offers five-star concierge-level service is always striving to do better.

That being said, the first step to offering concierge-level service is to map out your customer/guest experience. From the very first greeting to the last, what happens? Where do they go? Who do they speak to? Map out the steps. ALL the possible steps, no matter how many.

Then, after you’ve mapped out your customer’s journey, there are some questions you might ask.

  • What could ruin a customer’s experience? Brainstorm them all and then solve each one.
  • How responsive are you to incoming customers/guests’ questions and issues? How long does it take your staff to respond via email, telephone or online?
  • Does your support staff have all the tools they need to effectively do their jobs?

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