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18 crazy concierge stories – You won’t believe what they are asked to do!

June 01, 2017 2:21 PM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

So many people have asked me about crazy concierge stories over the years, I finally decided to write them all down. Names and places have been removed to protect the innocent! Enjoy! 

I’ve been teaching people how to be a concierge for 20 years now, and as a result I have collected some truly strange stories! Some are from independent concierge companies, others are from hotel and residential concierge.

Concierge around the world are asked to do weird stuff all the time. Some are asked to purchase elaborate gifts, others might be asked to find rare animals like albino peacocks. Another friend of mine had to regularly feed a client’s chickens, while one concierge had to bail a client out of jail. If you search the internet for strange concierge and hotel stories, you’ll find tons of them. All part of the job for a concierge! As long as its legal, moral and ethical a concierge will do it.

To protect everyone’s privacy, I am not going to reveal any names or cities. Although a few stories walk the line and might be rated R, they are all fun to read. 

Want to read the stories?  Click here:

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