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Your website might actually be scaring people away!

April 03, 2017 3:29 PM | Katharine Giovanni (Administrator)

Here it is in a nutshell … with all due respect ... 

If you post a logo on your website that states you are a member of an association, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, or the like, then it goes without saying here that you probably should be an actual member.


You are misleading your potential clients by telling them you are a member of an organization when you are not.

I’ve been doing some research for a new edition of one of my books, and have been visiting people’s websites to see what new changes and trends are out there. While on a website, I often click on the logo they display to see if they are a member of a particular organization, or to find out more about the company.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered many websites I visited are misleading people!!!

Here’s what happened when I clicked on the logo they displayed …

  • It led me nowhere. Literally. The association was no longer in business.
  • It led me to an association, but their logo had changed.
  • It led me to a company, but when I searched their online directory I didn’t find them

“Well, while I agree with you Katharine, no one really checks these things, so it doesn’t matter”


If I am going to hire you to do something for me, I guarantee you I’ll visit your website and will check on your credentials. Call me crazy, but I actually prefer working with companies who are actual members of chambers and associations, and who have taken the time (and money) to be professionally trained. If I find out that you are misleading me, then I’ll simply go to a competitor who actually DOES have these credentials.

The sad thing here is that you won’t know it happened!!!

So you're losing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars from a potential client who quietly scrolled to another company when they discovered that the links and logos (your credentials) on your website were false. It doesn't matter if you simply "forgot" to update it ... the result is the same. They will hire your competition.

If you are telling people that you are honest and ethical and will do a great job for them, then I highly recommend that you be honest and ethical on your website. If you are NOT planning on renewing your dues with an organization, that's fine, then simply remove the logo!

Lack of information will also scare them away. Allow me to explain.

Your website is telling me to hire you because you have an awesome service or product, but you won’t tell me your name or what experience you have, and you’re telling me that you belong to associations when you don’t. Some of you don't even tell me what city you are located in!  How can I hire you if I don't know what city you're in?

Would YOU hire them?

Exactly my point.

Here’s another quick tip … I also read people’s bio’s and “about us” pages, and what I found wasn’t pretty. While most had the page on their site, many gave me very general information about their company. They didn’t tell me what the owner’s name was, nor did they post what actual experience they had. I highly recommend you post your name, title, and a brief biography that tells me why I should hire you.

Until next time!

Katharine Giovanni

(Katharine is Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of ICLMNet. She is a concierge & front desk staff trainer and consultant as well as a best-selling three time award-winning author. For more information please visit

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